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©Construction Vibration Damage Guide (CVDG) for Homeowners and Professional Edition

Table of Contents

You'll find the Table of Contents for both the free CVDG for Homeowners and the extended Professional Edition just below. The Table of Contents presents the chapters of the CVDG (both versions) in logical order, so that those viewing it online can read it in the most effective way. Documents with hyperlinks are part of the free CVDG. Many chapters are available online as web pages or as a free downloadable PDF with extra content.

The Professional version is directed at attorneys, contractors, educators, geo-technical firms, those with vibration damage claims, those preparing a vibration damage claim for possible litigation and others with a need to know more details. Documents unique to the Pro Edition are shown in bold below. Those documents are not included with the free version of the CDVG and are not offered online. The CVDG Pro is available for purchase by credit card or PayPal account, with same day delivery in most cases, from our Order the CVDG Pro page at http://vibrationdamage.com/order_the_cvdg_pro.htm.

CVDG for Homeowners and Professional Editions
 Table of Contents

Documents new to the current edition of the CVDG and CVDG Pro PDF's are indicated with italicized (New) designations below. Those which are so new that they have not been included in the PDF's are shown in italicized bold, (New). Links are provided when the newest documents can be read online. Every document is upgraded in each new PDF edition.


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