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CVDG Pro - Overview

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CVDG Homeowners and Pro Contents

CVDG Pro Table of Contents

The CVDG Pro - Overview
Damage Prevalence
Using a Vibration Monitoring Firm
Setting Up DIY Vibration Monitoring
Using DIY Acceleration Data

DIY Vibration Monitoring
Vibration Measures
Vibration Safety
Vibration Data Reports
Vibration Data Issues

Vibration Data Handling
Vibration Data Analysis
Vibration Data Analysis Steps

Vibration Data Analysis Tables
Reporting Vibration Data
Seismograph Memory Limitations
Statistics and Vibration Damage
Vibration Signatures
Vibration and Homes
Calculating Vibration Amplitudes

Inferring Vibration Levels
Vibration Exposure
Applying Vibration Standards
Mitigating Vibration
Fourier Transform
Involving an Attorney
Working With An Attorney
Handling A Claim
Researching A Claim
After the Claim
Damage Repair
Estimating Damage Age
Conditions Documents
Damage Causation
Giving Testimony
Expert Opinion
Serving As An Expert

Production Requests
Consequences and Prevention

For Project Sponsors
More Documents
Cited Literature
CVDG Professional License

Included CVDG Free Content:

The CVDG - Overview
CVDG - Executive Summary
CVDG - Foreword
CVDG - Contents
Construction Vibration Damage Guide - Intro
Vibration 101
Is Damage Possible?
Vibration and Distance
Vibration Potential
Vibration and Damage
Judging Vibrations

Recognizing Damage
Recording Damage
Reporting Damage
Pursuing A Vibration Damage Claim
Vibration Monitoring
DIY Vibration Monitoring
Vibration Frequencies
Vibration Standards
Vibration Regulation
Non-Construction Vibration
CVDG - More Information
Closing Thoughts
Appendix A - Using the CVDG
Appendix B - Vibration Damage Warning Signs
Appendix C - Getting More Help
CVDG - The Author

Construction Vibration Damage Guide, Professional Edition

 (CVDG Pro)

The Construction Vibration Damage Guide, Professional Edition (CVDG Pro, ©Copyright 2013-2017 John M. Zeigler) is designed for use by construction businesses, law firms, project sponsors, homeowners in or contemplating litigation and others who need comprehensive information and help to deal with construction vibration damage issues and claims. It includes the content of the free CVDG for Homeowners, but has over three times as much.

The information in the CVDG Pro can literally save you many thousands of dollars in attorney fees and expert witness costs, by helping you to understand and educate others on the science and issues of a vibration damage claim. Many downloaders of the free version of the CVDG have purchased the Pro version, because of its much more extensive coverage of vibration damage to homes and help with how to deal with it most easily.

The CVDG Pro, like the free CVDG, is written largely in non-technical language. It has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 14, compared to that of the free version for homeowners of 12.  Explanations of scientific terms and concepts are more extensive in the Pro version, with many additional technical topics covered and more references cited. The Professional version has in-depth coverage of vibration damage litigation-related issues, making it invaluable for those who have a claim in litigation and those who must deal with such claims. The CVDG Pro's Cited Literature chapter provides a single, authoritative compilation of selected references to the most important scientific literature in the area of vibration effects on structures.

The text of the CVDG Pro Table of Contents is reproduced at left, with added contents indicated in bold. The CVDG Pro is not available for viewing online. It is about 270 pages in length, with over 250 color photos, diagrams and other illustrations. The CVDG Pro Edition can be read with any device which can read PDF files, including most e-readers.

License and Conditions

The copyrighted CVDG Pro may not be offered by others in PDF or HTML format, distributed to others in any form or reproduced on other web sites, in full or in part. Unlike the CVDG, the CVDG Pro is licensed for both individual and business use, subject to the number of licenses purchased and the license terms. Full use license terms can be found on our CVDG Professional License page and in the CVDG Pro itself. The license allows licensed users to place a copy on more than one device (e.g. a computer and an e-reader device), so long as the two devices are not used simultaneously. The CVDG, in either the free or Pro editions, may not be copied or quoted in any form without express written consent from the author.

Ordering and Delivery

The Guide Pro is offered in full as a single PDF document, delivered by e-mail attachment upon payment of the license fee. In most instances, e-mail delivery occurs well within 24 hours of ordering. A CD-ROM (with an additional $10 handling fee for CD-ROM) can also be obtained, with a six week delivery time. You can order the CVDG Pro via our page below, using either a credit card or PayPal account.

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Disclaimer: The Construction Vibration Damage Guide is not offered, and should not be considered, as advice on the law in any jurisdiction or form. Seek the advice of an attorney with construction vibration damage claim experience and knowledge, if you need legal help. Trademarks appearing in the CVDG are the properties of their respective owners and are used in the CVDG only for the purpose of identification.

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