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The Internet has an immense amount of information for people who may be pursuing a vibration damage claim on their home, perhaps resulting from construction, blasting or many other vibration sources. Much of this information is available free in downloadable PDF format; you will need a copy of the free Adobe Reader to view or print PDF files. Following are some starting links to a few of the most valuable ones:

This short list is far from exhaustive, as there are literally hundreds of relevant documents available, but these are good starting points in understanding construction vibration damage issues. Other useful references are cited in the CVDG's footnotes. A listing of all of the documents cited in the CVDG and CVDG Pro (http://vibrationdamage.com/cvdg_pro__overview.htm) can be found on the CVDG Pro's Cited Literature page.


1. This link takes you to the complete version of the report. Chapter 12 is often found excerpted as a separate document online. Some recent versions of that excerpt have modifications, including elimination of vibration level data for vibratory compactors and hoe rams. No reason for or notation of change is given for those removals.


This is a chapter from the Construction Vibration Damage Guide for Homeowners (CVDG), a 100+ page free document with over 200 color photos, diagrams and other illustrations. It is available at http://vibrationdamage.com as a series of web pages or in full, web navigation and ad-free, as a downloadable PDF document, with additional content not available on the web. The free version of the CVDG is licensed to homeowners and others for personal, at-home use only. A Professional Edition (CVDG Pro), licensed for business use and with over three times as much content, can be ordered from our Order the CVDG Pro page, usually with same-day delivery. You can comment about this page or ask questions of Dr. Zeigler by using our Visitor Comment form. If you would like to discuss vibration damage issues and view additional content not found in the CVDG, Join us on Facebook. Please Like us while you're there.


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