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Construction Vibration Damage Guide (CVDG) for Homeowners Download and Registration Form

Homeowners can get the complete CVDG PDF version (a $49.95 value; new version 3.1, 116 pages, 5.5 Mb PDF file) by free download for personal, at-home, non-business use. It contains over 30 additional pages of information not available online. 

Since we lose ad income every time we provide the downloadable CVDG PDF, please help us make the CVDG better and more useful by filling in the short form below (1-2 minutes to complete). You can include comments about Vibrationdamage.com or the CVDG on this form or go to our Visitor Comment form to add them there.

Misuse of this HTML form and its associated CGI scripts for commercial purposes (spam, ads, promotions) is a felony violation of U.S. law (the CANSPAM Act).
The information you submit is used for CVDG improvement and research; no personally identifiable information is shared with others. When you submit this form, you will receive no other email from us beyond the download link. We may provide a short reply to any comment or help request you leave with the form information, where appropriate. More on how we protect and use submitted information

Please fill out all the required fields in the form below. Any required fields missing information will be highlighted in red in most browsers when you attempt submission.

Note: UNACCEPTABLE email addresses include most email addresses with "mail" in the email address domain name, e.g. Gmail (@gmail.com), and Hotmail (@hotmail.com), as well as YahooMail (@yahoo.com), temporary email addresses (e.g. @throwawaymail.com, @mailinator.com) and mail forwarding addresses (e.g. @qq.com, @mail.com). No download link will be sent to unacceptable e-mail addresses or in response to requests with false information. You must agree to the terms of the free CVDG use license to download the free CVDG.

First Name (REQUIRED)
Last Name
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Your ACCEPTABLE and VALID E-mail Address (REQUIRED for us to send you the download link.)
UNACCEPTABLE email addresses include: most email addresses with "mail" in the email address domain name (e.g. Gmail (@gmail.com) and Hotmail (@hotmail.com)), YahooMail (@yahoo.com), temporary email addresses (e.g. @throwawaymail.com, @mailinator.com) and mail forwarding addresses (e.g. @qq.com, @mail.com). Such addresses will be rejected and the download link not sent.

I certify that my e-mail address is NOT a GMail, Hotmail, YahooMail or other banned account domain (see just above) (REQUIRED)

Choose a description which best expresses your interest in the CVDG (REQUIRED)


(If you have damage which might be construction-caused, you may also want to use our Damage Report Form to report it in greater detail after completing this form - click the link now to open it in a separate tab or window without leaving this form.)

Project owner type (i.e. funder of the project) (REQUIRED)


REQUIRED (check your typing)
You can help us to improve our ability to help you by providing detailed information about your interest in vibration damage below. We would like to learn more from you about the circumstances of vibration damage (public or private project, nature of work - e.g. road construction, types of equipment in use, suspected cause of damage), whether in your own structure or one about which you have detailed knowledge. If your interest is other than damage to a building or home, we would like to hear about that, too. (Recommended)

Terms and Conditions: By submitting this form, the submitter of the form agrees and attests that: the download, viewing, printing and/or any other use of the free CVDG for Homeowners will be for personal, at-home, non-business use only, the information provided on this form is true, complete and correct, and he has read and accepts all the terms of the CVDG License (click on the link to view in a separate window or tab, also included with the CVDG). You must click on the checkbox just below to accept these terms and conditions.

Those who wish to use the CVDG in business, educational or governmental settings (for-profit or non-profit) must get the extended CVDG Professional Edition (over 270 pages), which is licensed for business use.

 I agree to the Terms and Conditions for free download of the CVDG for Homeowners (REQUIRED) 
See below for more information about the CVDG download

Once you have successfully filled in this form and submitted it, you should see an immediate confirmation web page indicating successful submission of the form, along with basic information about how you can download and use the CVDG. If you have provided an acceptable e-mail address and true and correct information, you will receive an e-mail at the address you specified on the form. If you use email spam blocking (e.g. a "whitelist"), make sure that your spam filters will accept an email from vibrationdamage.com. That e-mail contains the direct download link. The link may only remain valid for 24 hours.

The Construction Vibration Damage Guide for Homeowners, Copyright 2013-2017, is licensed and available free only to individuals for personal, at-home, non-business, non-governmental use. All others must purchase a license for the greatly expanded Construction Vibration Damage Guide Professional Edition at http://vibrationdamage.com/order_the_cvdg_pro.htm.

Free upgrades

The CVDG is upgraded with new content regularly, so visitors to the site may want to download the CVDG again later, after getting their initial version. In that case, just fill out the form again and submit it.

Disclaimer: The pages and documents on Vibrationdamage.com are not offered, and should not be considered, as advice or counsel on the law in any jurisdiction or form. Seek the advice of an attorney having construction vibration damage claim experience and knowledge, if you need legal help. Trademarks appearing on the site and in the CVDG are the properties of their respective owners and are used in the CVDG only for the purpose of identification. Information appearing on the site and in the CVDG is believed correct, but the site and the CVDG are provided "as-is". They are not guaranteed or warranted in any way, nor are your uses of them warranted or guaranteed.


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