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Everything on Vibrationdamage.com is available for reading on the Internet by any interested party, anywhere in the world. We make no charge of any sort for accessing Vibrationdamage.com or reading its materials, nor do we receive remuneration for running the site. We do not ask that any visitor provide us with private information to activate a "membership" in order to access Vibrationdamage.com.

All uses of the pages on the site whose content is a part of the Construction Vibration Damage Guide for Homeowners (CVDG) and the Construction Vibration Damage Guide Professional Edition (CVDG Pro) are governed by the CVDG License agreement. Visitors must agree to the terms and conditions of that license to use those pages online. The CVDG, in all versions, is covered by multiple U.S. registered copyrights, which apply in most countries outside the U.S. The Vbirationdamage.com web site is also covered by registered copyrights. Visitors should also read the Disclaimer.

Since Vibrationdamage.com is a public service site, we almost never have problems with visitor behavior on the site. However, visitors who abuse their access to Vibrationdamage.com may be banned, either temporarily or permanently, from accessing it, at the sole discretion of the site owner. Abuse of the site may be considered to include repeated attempts to breach security on the site, repeated spamming, repeated misbehavior, sending abusive e-mail repeatedly and any other inappropriate behavior repeated after warning from the  owner of the site or his representative. Such behavior has characterized only the tiniest fraction of one percent of Vibrationdamage.com's visitors, so these issues should not affect the overwhelming majority of visitors to the site.


Every constituent page of Vibrationdamage.com has one or more links that visitors can click to ask questions, offer comments and make suggestions by e-mail. We try to answer all e-mail within two days of receipt, although, in rare circumstances (e.g., questions requiring us to do research), it may take a little longer. Since our answers to e-mail are inherently personalized in nature, nothing said in e-mail responses is to be construed as representing or superseding site policy. All e-mails sent to Vibrationdamage.com become the property of the Vibrationdamage.com copyright holder.

While we very rarely get rude, abusive, lewd, threatening or offensive e-mail, we will not respond to such e-mail, as it has no place on the Internet. If an e-mail is particularly abusive, rude or threatening, we will forward a copy of it to the ISP from which it originated. The ISP can then take whatever action it deems appropriate for its users who violate the ISP's terms of service in sending such e-mail.


Encryption - We provide a high degree of security for our visitors, in the form of full SSL encryption, using web-standard, 128-bit public key-private key (RSA) encryption. Visitors can access the site and provide information to Vibrationdamage.com on its HTML forms with some confidence. All information submitted on Vibrationdamage.com's HTML forms becomes the property of the site owner. See our Information Security page for more information about how we protect information coming from or flowing into the site.

Email - We have not sold and do not sell lists of e-mail addresses. We only collect those necessary for delivery of the free CVDG, upon their provision by the visitor. No form on Vibrationdamage.com requires phone numbers, street addresses or any personal financial information. The information downloaders submit on the download form, or any other form on Vibrationdamage.com, is not stored on the site in any way, nor are there any personal information databases of any sort present on the site's server files that might be "hacked". The submitted information from the forms is used only for research, copyright protection and site improvement purposes. No personally identifiable information obtained from these forms is shared with others in any fashion. For more details on how we handle submitted information, see Information Security.

Thus, our visitors can feel confident that their correspondence with us will not become a source of "spam" (unsolicited bulk sales e-mail). Similarly, we do not reveal full names, full mail or e-mail addresses on the site. Of course, given that Internet e-mail is inherently insecure unless encrypted, we cannot guarantee that such information cannot be obtained during transmission by other unscrupulous parties from e-mails sent to us. All e-mails sent to us, including those generated from information provided to the site's HTML forms, become the property of the Vibrationdamage.com copyright holder.

Tracking - The Web server on which Vibrationdamage.com is located, as with virtually all other servers on the Internet, maintains a log file which records such things as the date and time of access, IP address of the accessing computer, accessing server name, pages accessed and so forth. We can, and occasionally do, analyze this log file to help us determine what pages most interest our visitors and what type of server they access the site from. This information is analyzed in aggregate only to help us understand how we might improve the site, identify error-causing pages and, generally speaking, maintain and run the site. NO specific identification information for any visitor is recorded without the knowledge of the visitor by Vibrationdamage.com. Vibrationdamage.com does not use "spyware" to track visitors' movements around the site or the Web.

"Cookies" (small text files placed on accessing computers by most web sites) are not used anyplace in Vibrationdamage.com content. Advertisers on Vibrationdamage.com may include tracking cookies or use "web beacons" (tiny, transparent images that are loaded from the advertiser's server, thereby providing general site visit information) in their ads to collect information about those who see their ads. We have no direct control over the content of ads served by third parties (e.g. Google) and don't control their use of tracking cookies or web beacons.  Information gleaned from cookie use by advertisers is not shared with or used by Vibrationdamage.com or its owner(s).

Such cookies are not destructive to your computer, but programs like Ad-Aware (free) and most antivirus programs (e.g. AVG Free) can detect and remove the cookies, if you desire to do so. Most browsers allow you to remove cookies from their Privacy menu option. You can also find them manually and remove them, if you wish. Most browsers can be set up to refuse cookies entirely or to accept them only from sites from which you need them. In Firefox, for example, you can find the settings in Tools, Options, Privacy and Security, Cookies and Site Data. Since cookies are used for many legitimate purposes, you may not want to turn them off entirely, but to allow them selectively.

Social Media


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Our pages on social media (e.g. Facebook) have policies which are provided by the media sites themselves. We expect visitors to those pages to abide by the rules which the sites provide. We do not divulge names or any information for posters, beyond that which they must provide as members of the social sites and which appear automatically with their posts. Posters should not divulge names of companies and entities which they believe may be responsible for damage to their homes, buildings and property on the social media site. Posters are solely responsible for the content they post on the social media pages. We provide the social media pages for constructive discussions of vibration damage; posts are found to be inconsistent with that goal may be deleted without recourse or advance knowledge of the poster.


We strive to make Vibrationdamage.com educational, interesting, and accessible to those without advanced education. Our motivations are strictly public service and educational. The free content of the site reflects those motivations.

We have made a special effort to make Vibrationdamage.com as accessible as possible on a wide range of computers and mobile devices, at least within the dictates of the content. Among other design elements we have tried to assure that as few pages as possible will require both vertical and horizontal scrolling to view them. The site has a special page devoted to tips for using the CVDG on e-readers for those who need help making the best of it on their particular reader. The rapid developments in these devices make it almost impossible to anticipate every device, but the CVDG should appear acceptably in most such devices.


Vibrationdamage.com is a strictly non-profit, public service site. We do not endorse products, companies, service providers or Web sites. Provision of a link on Vibrationdamage.com does not imply an endorsement of any product, service, or opinion offered on the linked site.

If you come across a site which is using our name inappropriately in a title or in meta-tags, please let us know by e-mail, so that we can correct the possible misimpressions created by the dishonesty of others. Vibrationdamage.com is, in no way, associated with these sites and is not responsible for their "content".


We provide links from Vibrationdamage.com to other sites on the Web as a service to our visitors. We do not sell links or provide them for any other considerations. Other sites may link Vibrationdamage.com without our explicit permission, though we are always happy to have other site owners notify us of links to Vibrationdamage.com. While we are honored to be linked by other sites on the Web, we do not "exchange" links in consideration of a link on another site ("reciprocal links"). Requests for reciprocal links are ignored routinely, although we are happy to learn of sites which might be relevant to the content of Vibrationdamage.com. Provision of a link on Vibrationdamage.com does not imply an endorsement of any product, service, or opinion offered on the linked site.

Our single most important criterion for choosing to link a site is educational value. What we mean by this is that the prospective link site has to provide a significant amount of useful educational material free to any visitor. Commercial sites will only be linked if they have educational value beyond the commercial content. Generally, sites which we link are those which are related to construction vibration damage in some way.

Our decisions regarding provision of links will be made entirely at our discretion. We examine all suggested sites prior to linking them to assure that they meet these criteria. Once a site is linked, we cannot and do not take responsibility if changes to the site made after our evaluation cause it to violate one or more of our link criteria. Sites which, upon reexamination, are found to no longer meet our criteria for linking will be removed from our links list. We check links by computer with every upgrade, replacing or removing those which have changed or disappeared, but do not reexamine every linked site. If you find a site linked on Vibrationdamage.com which you believe now violates one or more of these criteria, please send an e-mail to Dr. Zeigler, indicating the site and URL, so that we can reevaluate it.

To suggest a link to your or any other site, please send e-mail to Dr. Zeigler. Link requests must be signed with the name of the requester; those requests signed only with an organization name or with no name will be denied. If your site is linked on Vibrationdamage.com and its URL changes, please notify us of the new URL.


The content of Vibrationdamage.com is original to the site. Because Vibrationdamage.com is multiply copyrighted in the U.S. and most foreign countries it cannot be indiscriminately copied or reproduced without risk of very large civil penalties, including paying our attorney costs for any infringement action. We enforce our registered copyrights on the site vigorously, both to protect the integrity of the site as an educational, non-commercial resource and to preserve our legal rights as authors.

All uses of the pages on the site whose content is a part of the Construction Vibration Damage Guide for Homeowners (CVDG) are governed by the CVDG License agreement. Visitors must agree to the terms and conditions of that license to use those pages online. The CVDG, in all versions, is covered by multiple U.S. registered copyrights, which apply in most countries outside the U.S.

Similarly, any PDF copy of our Construction Vibration Damage Guide which you download from any site other than Vibrationdamage.com is outdated and may be offered illegally, in violation of copyright law. We do not support such illegal copies or any copy of the CVDG PDf downloaded from any other site.


Vibrationdamage.com represents over a thousand hours of work on the part of Dr. Zeigler. In keeping with the public service goals of Vibrationdamage.com, we allow any visitor to make a single, personal use, hard copy of any part or parts of Vibrationdamage.com royalty-free. You need not request our permission to make a single hard copy of part or all of the content of Vibrationdamage.com directly from the site for your own personal, non-commercial use. Copying or reprinting Vibrationdamage.com in whole or in part in any other circumstance, including providing it free to others in print or electronic form, without advance permission from us is in violation of registered copyrights and absolutely forbidden. Specifically, you may not transfer or provide a copy of your copy of any part of the content of Vibrationdamage.com to any other individual or entity. For more on uses of the materials on Vibrationdamage.com, see Copyrights just above.

Citing the CVDG

Some individuals may want to quote from the CVDG in free, public service settings or in research journals. Registered users of the PDF versions of the CVDG may quote text from its pages royalty-free, so long as the quotation is less than 100 words in length and properly and fully attributed on each and every page bearing such quotes. The citation should be of the following form: John M. Zeigler, The Construction Vibration Damage Guide (for Homeowners or Professional Edition), Edition x.y (where x and y are the major and minor version numbers indicated in the Guide), https://vibrationdamage.com , page(s) z (where z is the CVDG page number or page number range from which the quotation is drawn). Users of the CVDG may also quote the online version using the following format: John M. Zeigler, The Construction Vibration Damage Guide for Homeowners, Edition x.y (where x and y are the major and minor version numbers indicated in the Guide), https://vibrationdamage.com/page URL. To use graphics from the CVDG royalty-free, seek permission, specifying in the detail all the materials you want to use from the CVDG. You may also ask questions about quoting parts of the CVDG by email to drzeigler@vibrationdamage.com .

Downloading from Vibrationdamage.com

Our Downloads page offers free documents and information, including the free Construction Vibration Damage Guide for Homeowners. Since these documents are not programs (executables) in the usual sense of the word, they are relatively free from risk of virus contamination. Nonetheless, we recommend strongly that you save any and all downloads to your hard disk and test any downloaded file with your up-to-date antivirus program. All the files offered on Vibrationdamage.com have been tested multiple times and found to be virus and spyware-free, but, as a matter of good practice, you should test any downloaded files yourself before opening them, if you have any questions about possible virus contamination.

The copyrighted free version of the Construction Vibration Damage Guide for Homeowners (CVDG) is provided under a limited license to which those who download the CVDG must agree. The license is included with the download or you can view the license separately on the site. Those who download the CVDG PDF are asked on an HTML form basic questions about identity, location, and nature of interest in the CVDG. Provision of false or incomplete information on that form voids the use license. To learn more about security of information submitted to Vibrationdamage.com, see Information Security.

A Professional Edition of the CVDG, with over three times the content of the free edition and licensed for business use, is available for purchase only from our page, Order the CVDG Pro. It has its own license terms. Copying or transmission of that document to others than the registered owner is a violation of copyright law and the license.


We make an effort to upgrade and update the site at least weekly, on average, although we may update slightly sooner or later, depending upon the amount of new content we have ready at a given time. Existing chapters and pages are upgraded with new information on a continuing basis. You can find out when a given page was last updated by looking in the lower left hand corner of the page.

Policy Changes

As necessity dictates, we will update this policy. The version of the policy appearing on the site is to be considered the governing authority on matters appearing in it. Matters not explicitly covered in the policy, in documents referenced by it, or by other statements on the site will be evaluated by the owner on an individual basis. His decisions on such matters are final.


Advertising appearing on the site is provided by advertisers or their agents. We do not control content of ads nor do we endorse it, although we have tried to ensure that advertising is relevant to our visitors. Those interested in advertising on Vibrationdamage.com may contact us for details.


Throughout the site, we use trademarked names to identify products and/or services of various companies. These trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Our use of such trademarks on Vibrationdamage.com is strictly for the necessary purpose of identification of these products and/or services and does not constitute an endorsement of the product or carry an implication that such names are not trademarked. In most cases, the owner of the trademark, if known to us, is clear from the context.

Terms and Conditions

Vibrationdamage.com is a non-profit, public service site, available for reading by anyone with an Internet connection. Visitors to the site must agree to these site policies and to assume any and all risks associated with their use of the site. If you do not agree to the site policies, terms and disclaimer found in this document, please leave the site now.


Information appearing on Vibrationdamage.com and in the Construction Vibration Damage Guide for Homeowners is not offered, and should not be considered, as advice on the law in any jurisdiction or form. Seek the advice of an attorney with construction vibration damage claim experience and knowledge, if you need legal help. Trademarks appearing in the CVDG are the properties of their respective owners and are used in the CVDG only for the purpose of identification. While we endeavor to ensure the accuracy of factual statements made on the site, we do not guarantee or warrant the accuracy of all statements on the site, their applicability or utility in a given situation, or the use you make of them. We specifically disclaim responsibility for any inaccuracies which may be present on the site, either by error or omission. We will endeavor to correct any demonstrated inaccuracies which visitors might bring to our attention.


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