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CVDG License
CVDG Pro License

This page summarizes all the free downloadable information which can be obtained from Vibrationdamage.com. Much of this information can be viewed online, but it is made available in downloadable files for the convenience of our visitors. This information is ©Copyright 2013-2019 John M. Zeigler.


Construction Vibration Damage Guide, Professional Edition (CVDG Pro)

The CVDG Pro is a comprehensive version of the CVDG, nearly 300 pages in length, with much added technical content for attorneys, contractors, and others with an interest in a deeper understanding of vibration damage claims. It is licensed for use in businesses, as well as for home use, while the free version for homeowners is not licensed for business use. The CVDG Pro is not available for download online, but can be ordered from our Order page.

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Short tips and vignettes about vibration damage and how to handle it. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see them all - there are lots!

Vibrationdamage.com Top Tips

The most popular of the short tips we have given on our Facebook page. The Top Tips page won't answer all questions, but it may give you a sense of why you need to read or download the full CVDG!

Construction Vibration Damage Guide for Homeowners (CVDG)
Construction damage, usually due to vibration caused by the misuse of heavy equipment, occurs much more often than those in that industry will usually admit. The typical homeowner lacks the knowledge and documentation to pursue a legitimate claim against construction firms and their insurance companies. By following this link, you find out  about how to pursue a construction vibration damage claim, even if you don't wish to litigate it. The Guide also has extensive information about how to prepare for proposed construction in your area to prevent damage before it happens. In addition to reading the CVDG pages in HTML on the site, you can get an augmented PDF version, minus ads and navigation, of the 100+ page Guide from our Download page.

Calculated Vibration Velocity Plots - PDF Collection (free to CVDG Pro and CVDG free PDF users)

A downloadable PDF, available free to registered owners of the CVDG PDF and CVDG Pro, of a series of full size vibration velocity diagrams, calculated using the FTA construction vibration equation. The diagrams can be used to verify or dispute claims made by construction companies and their monitoring firms regarding expected vibrations from construction activities and equipment. They can also be valuable in estimating vibration velocities for heavy equipment operations, when no vibration monitoring data are available, and determining safe distances for a wide variety of locales and equipment types. See Vibration and Distance in the CVDG for much more information on the uses of the diagrams in this PDF.

Vibrationdamage.com Ground Vibration PPV and Safe Distance Calculator (free download links in registered versions of the CVDG and CVDG Pro)

Some may prefer to carry out vibration PPV and safe distance calculations specific to their own situations, rather than reading them off diagrams. With that in mind, we have prepared the downloadable Vibrationdamage.com Ground Vibration Calculator, free for registered licensees of the CVDG PDF and the CVDG Pro. The Calculator is in the form of a locked Excel spreadsheet (.XLS format) into which you can enter your own values for the reference or measured velocity, the distance measured or referenced for that velocity and the distance from the work to the structure. The Calculator includes a reference section which provides reference equipment PPV's, standard limits, and help with choosing the results most relevant to the situation at hand. It's calculations can be valuable to attorneys, homeowners, consultants and contractors who might understand the potential for damage from construction operations. See Vibration and Distance in the CVDG for much more information on the proper use of such calculations.

Ground Vibration and Safe Distance Calculator requirements: any spreadsheet program which can read Excel (.XLS) files (including Excel, 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, OpenOffice's Calc program, and most other spreadsheets) and any computer or device which can run such programs.

License for Free Use of the CVDG for Homeowners

The terms and conditions governing free use of the CVDG by individuals in non-business settings.

License for the CVDG Professional Edition

The terms and conditions governing use of the CVDG Professional Edition for business and home use.


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